Universal Security Systems offers a complete range of products from various suppliers in the electronic security technology, to cover all your security needs:




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Intrusion and Fire Alarm Systems


A full range of Intrusion and Fire Alarm Panels is available to suite every requirement from residential to commercial and industrial compounds. Number of zones to be covered is unlimited, due to system expandability.



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Access Control Systems

Access Control covering a variety of applications and reading technologies. Biometric reading technologies, and long range readers implementation added increased security to modern facilities.





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Physical Access Control


Variety of barrier gates can be implemented from hydraulic bollards to rising step barriers and tire killers. Waist height and full height turnstiles for pedestrian entrances can compliment the electronic access control system in the facility.





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Perimeter Intrusion Detection Systems

Outdoor Security development has moved a big step using plastic fiber optic technologies in order to provide virtually zero false alarms and more sensitive detection to human intrusion. 




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Closed Circuit Television Systems (CCTV)


CCD camera technology has improved dramatically in the recent years. USS is implementing the latest available technology in the monitoring, recording and transmission of CCTV images with no limit in distances or light levels.





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Public Address and AV Distribution Systems


AV distribution has taken a new pace after the introduction of digital terrestrial and satellite transmission technologies. Distribution of AV signals in numerous applications, from small educational institutions to large commercial compounds is available with best resolution and sound clarity.










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